With nearly a decade of landscaping experience in Orange County, AV Landscaping is equipped for your needs.



Born and raised in Orange County, California, Alexander first began his landscaping ventures at the age of 10 when he used all his savings to buy his own lawn mower. After mowing his neighborhood's lawns for a few months, he developed a keen sense for customer satisfaction and rigorous work ethic. Then years later in 2009, 21-year-old Alex founded his official landscape maintenance business, Al's Gardening Services, and expanded his skills from his small Mission Viejo neighborhood to Orange County. Finally, in 2018 after hundreds of unique projects and an impenetrably trustworthy reputation, he established AV Landscaping to specialize in landscape implementations instead of maintenance.

Our Mission

It is human nature to be subconsciously influenced by our environments, so we understand the importance of outdoor ambiances. Whether it is where you kick your feet up or do your life's work, we are committed to providing distinguished quality services and leading customer support to every client. It is no secret that we go the extra mile to uphold our standards, and we look forward to working with you!